Previous webinars include:

The Cyber Skills Gap – The Challenge – Setting the Scene

This first session will be based around the Global Workforce Study which shows the real numbers that expose the challenges facing UK companies in the wake of a global cyber-security shortfall. How can the UK become a haven for cyber-security and compete against the rest of the world for the best talent? What are the answers to building a viable, strong and competent cyber-security team? Is there enough being done to home-grow our own cyber-security workforce or will we need to talent from overseas and is that even possible with the challenges Brexit will bring?

Speakers include: Adrian Davis Managing Director, EMEA at (ISC)²; Ian Glover, President at CREST; Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security at Canon for Europe, Warwick Ashford, Security Editor at Computer Weekly.



Incentives and UK initiatives encouraging Cyber-Security Investment and growth

This webinar will look at how to set up, grow and succeed as a cyber-security business in the UK. Where have they chosen to invest to take advantage of the grants and loans, how have they used accelerators etc.

Speakers include: Shane Wickramasuriya, Operations Manager, CyLon; David Howorth, Head of EMEA, AlertLogic; Sarb Sembhi, CTO, CISO & DPO, Virtually Informed, Andrew Mulvenna, founder of Brightpearl and Mike Spain, Operations Director, Cyber Growth Partnership.



Artificial Intelligence

How could AI potentially save the cyber-security industry – Peter Warren, journalist and thought leader on AI, will chair this session on how AI should be in the interest and control of the people for the people – and how it will impact on businesses from a legal perspective.

Speakers include: Pete Warren, Chairman at Cyber Security Research Institute; Mark Deem, partner at Cooley LLP and Andrew Jones, Professor of Cyber Security at University of Hertfordshire.



Creative Employment

This session will look at how employers are going about recruiting people creatively and what they’re doing to find the right talent and what incentives they’re putting in place to retain and grow their current staff.

Speakers include: Shan Lee, Information Security Officer at TransferWise, Vicki Gavin, Head of Business Continuity and Information Security at the Economist Group; Ryan Farmer, Delivery Manager, Acumin Consulting; Emily Swiatek, National Autistic Society and James Hadley, Founder/CEO of Immersive Labs.


Ransomware: How to strategically Fight it, Without Breaking the Bank

Ransomware presents some unique challenges to organizations, regardless of the size, industry or geography. However, it has very distinct behaviour relative to other kinds of malware. It actually tells you that an attack has taken place. From a defender’s point of view, being alerted to an attack is far better than having it stay undetected in your systems. During this presentation, John Cloonan, head of products at Lastline, will review:

- Common elements of today’s malware strains
- Effective strategies for combatting ransomware
- What malware defenders can learn from ransomware

Presented by John Cloonan, head of products at Lastline