Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards – giving back to the cybersecurity community

Do you know an individual or team that deserves recognition for going over and above the call of duty when it comes to protecting their organisations from cyber threats? Maybe they have saved the day from a cyber attack or malware infection or rescued the organisation from ransomware? Did they implement a cyber risk awareness campaign that made a difference to the office culture when it comes to phishing; or are they simply a great advocate when it comes to security best practices?

Maybe that person is you? Well, we believe it’s high time these unsung heroes get some credit! The fourth annual Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards will be given to individuals or teams that have consistently demonstrated their dedication to IT security, often saving the bacon for the organisations that they work for.



Captain Compliance

This award will go to the person who has mastered legal jargon around compliance - and possibly the challenges of doing so in the Cloud - and has taken bold steps to ensure data protection, working tirelessly to comply with the vast array of regulations that affect their industry sector.

Sponsored by

Ashley Brown
Carl Gottleib
Ben Allen
Carole Embling
David Hyett
Jonathan Armstrong
Hemant Dusane
Neira Jones
Colin Holder

Godfather/Godmother of Security

This award will go to someone who has been around the block and back and contributed greatly to the IT Security industry for more than 25 years.

Sponsored by

Prof Buck Rogers
Sir Rob Wainwright
Prof Robert Coles
Adrian Davis
Paul Simmonds
Greg Day
Vigyay Pandey
Philip Virgo
Gerry O'Neill

Cyber Writer

This award will go to the IT security writer who is completely on the ball and understands cyber security, demonstrating this through thought-provoking, well-written articles and interviews that help educate and inform his/her audience.

Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud
Ankit Giri
Ellie Hurst
Kate O'Flaherty
Lisa Forte
Luke Irwin
Lyndsay Turley
Matt Olney
Dan Raywood
Phil Ingram
Robert Scammell
Luke Milner

Security Avengers

Security is not a one man job so this award will recognise the best IT security team and how it averted a security disaster or persevered in the fight to keep the organisations safe from cyber threats.

Sponsored by

Eversheds Sunderland
Anomali Threat Research Team
M&S Team
Threat Research Team at Alert Logic

Best Security Awareness Campaign

In order to increase education on cyber threats and digital behaviours within the workplace, Security Awareness campaigns are often a vital part of getting the message out. This award will honour the campaign and the individuals who organised the campaign.

Sponsored by

Ascential Cyber Security Team
Cyber Griffin - City of London Police
Marks & Spencer
Host Unknown

Security Leader/Mentor

The winner of this award will be someone in industry who leads a team or mentors individuals, taking the time to show them the ropes and ensure those coming through the ranks are prepared for the future.

Sponsored by

Michael Colao
Marcus Alldrick
Abhishek Kar
Ashley Brown
Colin Gillingham
Emin Caliscan
Erhan Temurkan
Lisa Ventura
Samantha Hoffman
David Pink
Steph Aldridge
Sweety Bhatia
Tim Capps
James Packer
Joe Hancock
Amar Singh
Bennett Arron
Emma Philpott MBE

Apprentice/Rising Star

Our future cyber welfare depends largely on these rising stars. Whether in formal education, under employment or doing extraordinary research of their own, the winner of this category will show great promise with his/her technical or practical ability. The winner of this award will also be automatically entered in the ISC² ISLAs for Up-and-Coming Security Professional.

Sponsored by

Ashley Brown
Hamish McGowan
Owen French
Sophia McCall
Charlie Hosier

Best Educator

This award will go to a professor, lecturer or teacher who leads by example to inspire and motivate the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Bennett Arron
Jenny Radcliffe
Lisa Forte
Lisa Wood
Bayside School Cyber Club supported by GVC Group
Alistair Irons
Steve Furnell
Toni Scullion and the Turning Testers



Best Ethical Hacker/Pen-Tester

This award will go to the person who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses in security systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner.

Sponsored by


Holly Graceful
Ian Maxted
Jamie Hankins
Rob Hillier
Tim Varkalis

CISO Supremo

CISOs play an important role in securing all aspects of the business and implementing programmes that increase the security posture of an organisation. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it – this award will recognise the best CISO, who falls under one of the following industries:  Retail, CNI, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Charity, Finance and Telecomms.

This award will go to the person who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses in security systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner.

Christian Toon
Mike Loginov
Lee Cartmell
Michael Colao
Kieran Grieve Combes
Paul Heffernan
Colette Hanley
Derek Cheng
James Gosnold
Brian Brackenborough
Quentyn Taylor
Becky Pinkard
Emma Smith
Shan Lee
Kevin Fielder
Ray Stanton
Neil Thacker


The judges will consist of industry drawn professionals, including Duncan Brown from IDC, Chris Green from (ISC)² and others to be determined who will review your entries and choose the most worthy winners – though you’re all heroes in our eyes!

2019 Winners