Security Serious Flashmob

On 1st October we’re going to get the cyber-security community together to host a flashmob picnic fest in the park, in Trinity Square Gardens, by the Tower of London to make people aware of Security Serious Week and European Cyber-Security Awareness month.  The idea would be to get the security industry, CISOs, academics, lawyers and law enforcement to offer their one liner golden tips on what they believe you should do to be “security serious”!

Our sponsor Canon will then blow it up onto a canvas alongside your logo, with the intention of creating a massive human collage for a photocall with the press.  It would take less than an hour and everyone would be rewarded with a little picnic bag – just like you used to enjoy as a kid.  It would not only be a great awareness event but a fun networking event.


This is a totally FREE opportunity to get the industry together, no strings, no catches!


Please spread the word via #SecSeriousFest

Over 70 of the great and good in cybersecurity gathered for a Flashmob event outside the Tower of London to raise awareness of cyber-security, offering their hints and tips on what you should do to be more secure online to kick off Security Serious Week 2018!

Thank you to Canon UK for supplying all the canvasses for the Flashmob and to Mimecast for sponsoring the incredible pizza’s and pints in the pub!

Such fun having so many companies take part to raise the bar on getting people to think security!