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Security Serious Week is five days dedicated to helping businesses take security more seriously.

On 2nd October, the fourth annual Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards will take place, honouring the best of the UK’s IT security heroes who work tirelessly to avert disasters from attacks against our critical national infrastructure, defend their networks from the daily onslaught of breaches and highlight the cyber pitfalls to educate the public.

Security Serious Week will also bring you high quality webinars on the hottest topics in cyber security.


On Friday 4th October, Eskenzi will be gathering a selection of the UK’s top CISOs to impart their wisdom on how to keep UK businesses safe from cyber threats.

Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards 2nd October 2019

Now in its fourth year, the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards recognise the UK’s “Unsung Heroes in Cyber- Security”. Have you, a friend or colleague gone above the call of duty when it comes to protecting your organisation from cyber threats? Then come and apply and get the recognition you or they deserve! This is your chance to shine with a winning trophy that recognises all the hard work and dedication that goes into being a true cybersecurity professional.

If you have any ideas or events that you’re currently running in the first week of October, let us know!